My heart is sick

I feel a need to share this.

Mr. Blake’s sister spoke so very well.

I also watched a different video today, about how the Democratic Party’s stance on gun control is driving away “moderate Republicans”. Those who believe in human rights, but really believe that being able to own guns of any and all types is critical.

Listening to that I felt that person didn’t mention one of the points of gun control being in the platform. The Democratic Party position on gun control is, in large measure, a response to concerns young people have about the many school shootings and the other mass shootings that have occurred with increasing frequency these past few years. Young people, as that same person pointed out not long ago, will have to live, if they make it, with policies a lot longer than older ones. I get that many of those young people can’t vote yet, so maybe what they want shouldn’t matter so much?

My husband answered “it is illegal to shoot up a classroom” when I said “how come people have the right to own such weapons, but kids don’t have the right to go to school in confidence that some nut job won’t come and shoot up the classroom?” The response, accurate as it is, my better half is always accurate, makes me cry out: The people are still dead or maimed, and the kids who watched it are still scarred for life.

I get that the proposed legislation doesn’t, and can’t, solve the problem: there are already too many weapons out there to have a safety impact. Sad as that is, because there is no point in owning such a firearm unless you are thinking that at some point you will need to shoot a whole bunch of your fellow human beings willy-nilly. That is the only use for such a weapon. It isn’t to shoot a racoon getting into the rabbit cage; it isn’t for shooting a deer or a pheasant to feed your family; it is for killing a lot of human beings very fast. Too fast to know who you are killing.

Last night someone deliberately came to Kenosha to use such a weapon. He killed people out past curfew, supposedly that was the rationale. Wasn’t he out past curfew? He was not a citizen of that city or even that state, he was not a police officer, he was only 17. Yet the police aided him and his gang. I believe the modern phrase for this situation is “WTF?”

If one of the protesters being shot at had shot back in defense I bet he or she would have been arrested.

Yes, I get complexity; I studied history and understand the ideas behind the “right to bear arms”. But it troubles me deeply that people feel so passionately about owning firearms for which there is not one legal use, and legislation that won’t really do anything anyway, that they are willing to vote for someone who scores 14/14 on the Fascism Checklist. Someone who so worried about The Economy’s right to life that he responds to over 180,000 dead Americans as “it is what it is”; and who has no respect for the constitution.

Not voting is a vote. Status quo right now is change. The current trend is away from democracy, not voting is a vote to continue that trend. If you want to have a say in anything ever again, then you have to vote for someone capable of listening, who respects the constitution, all of it, not just the convenient clauses.

If you are concerned about your right to own AK47s, pay attention: the constitution is already being undermined, and after this election the current incumbent won’t need your votes anymore. Do you really think he won’t go after your guns, if he sees them as dangerous to his royal self? He’s already testing executive orders that go against the constitution. We live in dangerous times.

5 thoughts on “My heart is sick”

    1. I believe we could be joined if we decide to stop yelling and start listening. It isn’t really half and half, and the differences aren’t as great as they seem.
      That is why the current incumbent is telling lies with impunity. The clip of a riot they used was actually from Spain, not the US. I’m not saying there aren’t issues, but the divide is being exacerbated by irresponsible and immature leadership.

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