Everyday stuff

My daily grind. Father-in-law made the lovely coffee grinder as a decorative piece (he did amazing woodwork) when we switched to the French Press we discovered that it worked better for getting the grind consistent than the electric one we had before.
Another form of daily grind: checking on social media.
I spend more time than I should on the daily crossword puzzles.
I don’t make bread everyday but the wooden spoon, a gift from a friend in Africa, the knife set, a wedding gift (has served us for over 34 years!) the bowl and pans are things I use most days.

For Lens Artists Photo Challenge: everyday objects.

7 thoughts on “Everyday stuff”

  1. It seems most of us have everyday objects we’ve been gifted by others that have a special place in our homes. Let it be a lesson to us that something someone uses often is a reminder of their caring for us! Lovely post


  2. So glad i was able to make it to a few extra posts tonight – the old and the new vibe was felt –
    also – many comforts of life – or enrichments – in each everyday object – from he awesome artsy grinder to the iPhone charging and even crossword puzzles
    Photos like these are some of my favs because they “say” so much

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