A kaleidoscope of a month

A few pictures from my September. A month that is neither summer nor fall. It’s had some beautiful weather, some smoky weather, some rain

I’ve been quite depressed this month. I’m reclusive by nature so the on-going near quarantine mostly hasn’t bothered me. But our cat is ailing, the three ring circus in DC is wearing on my nerves, and I usually am getting ready to go or am on my way to China at this time of the year. Right now I am starting to wonder if I will ever see my son again (he lives in China). There just isn’t anything to look forward to…

For Zimmerbitch’s Changing Seasons

15 thoughts on “A kaleidoscope of a month”

  1. I live the kaleidoscope word to fit your pictures – and oh my goodness – the baked item with the rolling pin? What is that? Looks so good.
    And not at all to sound trite- but this will pass and I truly believe many good fruits can come from the pauses – delays and detours –
    And we just heard that Florida is in the very last phase and is reopening and to me that is a sign that this is starting to wave to the end – so be encouraged and know that your blogging friends are here to help make it through

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  2. Lovely memories! Beautifully captured… I’m thankful to technology that we can see our kids on regular basis using video calls especially with the pandemic around. I’m sure you will see your son soon in person – until then stay strong n safe 🤗🤗

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  3. I’m so sorry to hear you’re feeling so low. I totally understand your anxiety and sadness at not being able to see your son at the moment.

    Wishing you a better month ahead — and wishing all of us an end to Covid-19.

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