A neighbor’s rose and a thought

This is the last picture I took in September.

A photo of a rose, and a thought about the news coverage of today.

I have lots of photos of roses on this bush. It is one of my favorite rose colors and I see this bush most every day when I walk the dogs. For Bush Boy’s Last Photo for September.

Now for the thought related to current events

Specifically the news coverage of the president in the hospital.

I have spent an awful lot of time sitting in hospital rooms waiting. An awful lot.

It really doesn’t help to try and rush things. A person who is ill needs time, time to be ill and to heal. Trying to rush that process can do more harm than good. To try and force the patient into feeling like they have to pretend they are well when they are not, or get going faster than the actual healing takes place can have very bad results.

It doesn’t help to try and rush the care givers, or pester them. It can be helpful to be there and advocate for the patient. But the right people are with the president right now.

I mention these things because I feel like the news industry needs to back off and leave the president and hospital staff alone to get on with the business of healing. It does no one any good to hypothesize about outcomes or bring on panels of experts to evaluate (second guess) the situation.

I know waiting is hard, I’ve done a lot of it. It never helped when people asked questions that could not yet be answered.

There have to be other stories, ones that have been waiting for a break in the campaign news cycle. Why not research those? Give us all a break, including the patient and those caring for him.

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