Golden water

View of waves on the shores of Vashon Island in Puget Sound.

Puget sound during golden hour last weekend.

For Jez Braithwaite’s Water, Water Everywhere.

I missed yesterday, posting everyday for a month is really hard for me. But yesterday I had an excuse: kind of a nice one. As I was getting the post ready my internet went down. After I rebooted it and started back my son called (he is in China) we had a two hour video chat! I was in bed before I remembered about posting. Oh, well.

6 thoughts on “Golden water”

      1. Maybe that is what it was 😉 I spent every summer out there for yrs growing up from Minnesota and can’t even stand the smell of the lakes up there anymore, that’s why I moved to NE Tennessee away from the water. I enjoy your posts, thanks for sharing on the internet 🙂

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