Drama on high

Just out the front door.
Mid walk.
Just as we turned into our driveway.

These were taken in the order they are above, as I walked the dogs yesterday.

For Hammad Rais’s Weekend Sky.

Drama below

I took my dad for some heart tests the day before yesterday and the results were such that they called to say they are scheduling another test…and referring him to a surgeon.

They said “dilated aorta”; if you google that it isn’t very comforting. They use the term when they do not yet know the size and severity of an aortic aneurysm (determining those is the purpose of the next test). I’m not superstitious, but can’t help but note that we got the news on a Friday the 13th in 2020.

The scourge of 2020

Not quite random reflections

Naturally, since it is 2020, this caused me to ponder about COVID. The heart diagnosis has moved dad into the double jeopardy COVID 19 risk category. We talked in the car on the way back from the tests about the vaccine. I am encouraging him to consider getting it when it becomes available. Especially since he has been wanting to take a trip to somewhere warm this winter.

Logic at last?

The current surgeon general, whose name escapes me at the moment, said something this past week that made me say “Yes!” even “Amen!”. He said “we shouldn’t need a mandate to do the right things”. I really felt like those words should have gotten more press. A lot more press.

I’ve mentioned COVID 19 before, I mostly don’t because, while I am always right;-), I figure that the world doesn’t really need more advice floating about.

An example of logic

Back in February I made a bunch of cloth masks to wear in the week before I flew down to drive my father back from Arizona, where he had spent the winter. The official word at the time was that masks didn’t help…but, if you read the fine print, they were really not saying that masks didn’t help. They said there was a shortage and masks were needed for healthcare workers. Logic said that if they were important for health care workers then they did help.

I made my own masks, not taking anything away from health care workers. I knew that about 1/3 of colds are caused by various corona viruses, and that colds are often spread through the air as well as from touch. I also knew that I would be seeing an old friend of the family who had emphysema and I didn’t want to risk her getting sick. So I took the precaution of wearing the mask, and food service gloves, which I frequently rubbed with hand sanitizer (the gloves protect my skin from the sting of the alcohol) then discarded when I got home, when I was in public places in the week before I traveled and as I passed through the airports and on the plane.

In short, I used common sense about how colds spread and love for the people I was going to see as my guide.

I’ve been rather perplexed by some things I’ve read

I read a lot of blogs and other stuff, so I do not recall exactly where I read this, but someone was annoyed that some in her church were offended that people weren’t wearing masks, she was proudly not wearing one and the institution was requesting but not requiring them. I was struck by the indignation and defiance communicated.

It seemed to me that if the people in that church were actually living according to Jesus’s teachings, no drama, or mandates, would be needed. Did that person have even a niggling sense that the outrage and defiance they were expressing was inconsistent with Jesus’s teachings?

I was feeling alone in this until I ran across this YouTube video:

Worth watching, in my opinion, even if you are not a Christian.

Then there is freedom

My post “pondering freedom on a smoky day” is where these thoughts started. We are all tired of being careful and worrying. Except the folks who are blowing it off, and by doing so spreading it about, making things worse for all of us so they can belly up to their favorite bar and shout at sports.

The current surgeon general wears a uniform, and, combined with Armistice Day this past week, it gave me this thought: It isn’t giving away freedom to help our nation and the world turn the tide against this enemy. Any more than it was for soldiers to obey a general during a WWI battle. Fighting together is how we keep freedom.

Questioning thought for this day:

Is there a way for us to change how we think about freedom? Is it possible to see staying home and wearing masks as practicing freedom?

For example, I am retired and therefore free to stay home most of the time, making the world less crowded, and therefore safer, for those who do not have a choice. Many of whom are part of the supply chain for food and essentials that I need, or health care workers who I might need, so I am helping myself and them at the same time. It is good to have that freedom.

Can you think of examples from your life? Do you think changing the dialog in this manner could help us to pull together and get through this in the best possible shape?

4 thoughts on “Drama on high”

  1. I have no problem with masks and washing my hands frequently and I frequent bars so seldom anyways.. I like hiking and being outdoors so the only rule I hate here in France is 1km from home, 1 hour of exercise. When people say I’m selfish wanting to spend more time on my own on country roads I think it’s crazy..

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  2. Back in March of 2020, my elder uncle immediately prepared masks at his home for the entire family of 30+ members and distributed them among his friends also. Though winter season is upon us and it is bit difficult to keep it over the nose and mouth for extended period of time but for the sake of my loved ones and my own self, this is a must.
    Thank you so much for sharing your sky capture with my challenge and apologies for check out your entry this late 🙂

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