‘Tis the season…ready or not

This year I’m not. Not ready, not grumpy, but not filled with joy either. Just not. Usually I enjoy the pretty, and the seasonal music and smells. This year not. But here are some ghosts of Christmases past:

I have had one joy note:

Two of my nieces stopped by this past week for a masked, socially distanced, visit on the porch and in the yard. No physical hugs, but they brought me this incredible poinsettia:

A non-traditional Christmas tree.

I’m treasuring it and going to use it as my Christmas tree this year. I need to stay isolated because my father, who is part of our pod, has to have major heart surgery next month and a case of covid would likely be deadly for him.

It does seem like when you are starting to feel bleak something, like a text message from a much loved niece, comes to break the bleak. May all of you have bleak-breakers and long distance love this season.

For the Len’s Artists Challenge #128: Here comes the holiday season, and Nancy Merrill’s Photo a Week: Christmas.

15 thoughts on “‘Tis the season…ready or not”

  1. Love your memories – and wish your father a speedy and safe recovery. The poinsettia is glorious, how sweet of them! And I will borrow your “bleak-breakers” – a very, very useful word these days. I too have lost the usual energy these days, but will try my best – My children are coming home, so we will be 6 persons for some days. But the house is airy and we will stay cautious.
    Happy Holidays to you!

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