Crazy town USA

Take a look at this: Pro-Trump riot on Capitol Hill was even more violent than it appeared.

Words Matter

There are not two sides to this. ONE thing was done with ONE goal. The mob of insurrectionists are ALL bad and evil people.

They are NOT patriots: they do not want to live in the democratic republic defined by the constitution. They want to put in place an autocracy.

They are NOT conservatives: conservatives have respect for institutions and the rule of law.

They sure as H.E. double toothpicks are not “right”, they are the far wrong.

It is not over:

Mr. Lyndsey Graham (who does not deserve a title and should be removed from office for his actions that have enabled this situation to occur) said “if something else happens all options will be on the table”. So, what was last week? I’d call last Wednesday “something else”. How many COVID-19 deaths are we at now?

We just got a major warning from the Federal Bureau of Investigation about major armed violence in EVERY state capitol in the next few days as well as D.C.…is that “something else”?

For DC Republicans money talks…and bullshit walks the halls of congress. Armed insurrection is an emergency. It wasn’t quelled last week.

Armed insurrection is an emergency.

Time to eat up those dried beans you’ve been saving for an emergency. Send a message to corporate America, one that they actually understand, by not spending, and they will pass it on to congress.

Oh, Donny Boy could be out the day after tomorrow, if Moscow Mitch has a fire lit under him by big money, and Moscow only has feeling in his wallet. Even people coming to lynch him didn’t do anything.

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