Snowy way

Our snow is almost gone now, but last weekend it snowed for almost two days straight. I still had to walk my four legged friends.

Setting out, Ginger is looking back to make sure that I am serious about this folly.
My brave little Asta led the way, forging a tiny trail in the snow.
Asta found the going much easier in a tire path.
At our driveway the snow was virgin and up above Asta’s legs. She paused.
Can you imagine how daunting this would look from a small dog’s point of view?
Ginger took the lead and forged us a trail home…Sometimes you have to let a friend take the lead.

For Alive and Trekking’s Which Way Challenge.

10 thoughts on “Snowy way”

      1. Actually she took to it quickly. She loves running on the beach. Ginger had visited before and they were good friends with my dad’s dog, Sam, from times my Dad visited. Having dog friends to show her the ropes gave her confidence.

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      2. The herding instinct is strong with dogs. I find that when my schnauzers get together with other schnauzers. They become more confident and bark together at a larger dog, when they feel their Schnauzer mates are around them. Lol.

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