Duck, eagle, gull

I am not an expert at identifying birds so I tend to categorize simply. Here are a few friends with white feathers who were at the beach recently for Bird Weekly by Our Eyes Open.

Golden eyes are fun to watch as they pop in and out of sight.
A mature and, I think, immature bald eagle on the tide flats (the immature one might be an osprey, but it seems too big and the ospreys rarely alight on the beach-if you know please share). When they took off all of the gulls flew into the air.
A couple of different types of gulls. The larger one is immature, the smaller one does seem to have a mottled head which may mean it is not quite mature.
Another immature gull.
This one is almost mature. Only its head is still mottled.

7 thoughts on “Duck, eagle, gull”

  1. Awesome pics and glad to see you back for Bird Weekly this week. Great capture of the Goldeneyes. We saw one in January but it was too far out to get a photo. The Bald Eagle is a juvenile with a parent. They depend on the parents for food for 4-6 weeks after leaving the nest. Generally speaking, it takes 4-12 weeks for them to start hunting successfully. Great getting that shot! Thanks for proving my point about the gulls. They are hard to identify when they are mottled and immature. LOL! 🙂

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    1. The golden eyes are plentiful this time of year. They like the pickings in the calm, fairly shallow water near my Dad’s, Colvos Passage on Puget Sound. I rather like the mottled look of the younger gulls.

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      1. Oh, Puget Sound. We were supposed go to Seattle last September on vacation, but had to cancel due to the pandemic. My hubby lived out there for 20 years before coming back to Florida. He has hiked all over Mt. Rainier and know all the nature areas like the back of his hand. 🙂

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