Somewhere in Africa

This is Mr. Kithusi. He lives in Mulundi, Kenya, a few miles from the market town of Kitui.

Here he is walking in the courtyard of his compound. My son and I stayed with him and his family on two trips to the village in 2011 and 2012. My son also lived with the family for three months when he graduated college, teaching at a near-by secondary school.

Mr. Kithusi of Mulundi Village in Kenya.

Don’t let the rust fool you, this is a relatively wealthy family and the compound is quite well kept. They have quite a bit of farmland and own a flock of goats and a milk cow.

Khanga on the wash lines.

Khanga, lesos are what they are called in other places, are an important part of Kenyan attire. I have a book of 100 uses for a khanga. Everything from a simple wrap around skirt to improvised baby carrier.

When Mrs. Kithusi came to the USA to visit her daughter, she gave her khanga (leso) to the woman who was going to milk the cow while she was away, so it would feel comfortable with her.

For Just One Person From Around the World and Monday Washing Lines.

11 thoughts on “Somewhere in Africa”

  1. Xingfumama, what a treat seeing Mr Kithusi in his yard! I would love to know more about the Khanga… the colors represent something….how were they first made? Are they used in ceremonies? Are they used by women only? This is very interesting! Thank you for posting this week…….hope to see you share again! Cady

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    1. As a Kenyan woman who uses khangas/lesos, the colors don’t mean so much its the quote at the bottom that does, yes we have some for everyday and some for special ceremonies, weddings and child birth mostly and others as expensive gifts. Men use them too, but older men and the men from the coastal region.

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