Water carrier in Kenya

Kenyan woman emptying a jerrycan of water.
Water carrier bringing water to make mortar for construction.

A critical item in construction is water. The nearest well to this school project was about a kilometer away. The women of the village, in some cases mothers of the students of the school, earned a very small amount of extra money by carrying water. The cistern in the background was for rainwater, suitable for drinking, a commodity too valuable to use to make mortar.

Notice that this woman is using a khanga as a carrying strap for the jerrycan, it is softer than rope and most women have one with them, so it is readily available.

For That Travel Lady in Her Shoes’ Just One person from Around the World challenge.

8 thoughts on “Water carrier in Kenya”

    1. They sell them as yardage. They are essentially giant handkerchiefs. That is really their history the pre-printed handkerchief fabric was cut into larger squares that were used as wrap around skirts or to make slings for carrying babies. Eventually they started creating the larger printed designs specifically to be used as khanga. I am not well traveled in Africa but I have been told that the khanga is local to Kenya and Tanzania. We bought some as yard goods then had a local sewing school cut them and hem them. They are usually sold in pairs. the fabric is very thin. I carry a couple when I travel: they make a great lightweight night gown, tablecloth for a picnic, swim suit cover-up…

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