A year like no other

My niece graduated from college yesterday…Phi Beta Kappa (surely it’s okay to show a little bit of pride for this fine young woman that I love so much?).

The graduate.

The speech by the president mentioned this past year as a year like no other. The school is in Portland, a location that experienced wild fires and ice storms as well as the pandemic and rioting we saw throughout the nation. So graduation was like no other. We watched it on YouTube in my dad’s living room.

The watchers.

Probably if we had been able to attend we wouldn’t have seen nearly so well, and the dogs would have been left out, but it did lack a certain something.

Hopefully we’ll get to see her soon. We’ve all been vaccinated and she’ll be around this summer before heading off to law school at UCLA this fall.

Seems like only yesterday she was so small…but not afraid of a heavy load!

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