Getting tired of “it”

I read the paper, old school I know. But Seattle is one of the few places that has an old-school, independent, local newspaper, which makes it worthwhile on several levels, and I like to do the crosswords on paper.

A local columnist named Danny Westneat wrote early this week about how we might be done with covid, but it isn’t done with us. He said we blew it by not getting enough people vaccinated quickly enough. I had a strong reaction to that:

WE didn’t blow it. A bunch of jerks did.

At some point we need to realize that there are people out there who don’t care about themselves or others. They refused to wear masks and take precautions in the beginning, and now are refusing to get vaccinated. They don’t do this because they are good people with valid reasons.

These people aren’t about “freedom”, they are selfish jerks. The media validates them by using softball language like “vaccine hesitancy”, and interviewing mouthy morons ad nauseam, as if they have something valid to say. They do not.

The correct word is “selfish”.

I was shocked by the comments on Dr. Walenski’s YouTube video this morning. The rudeness is unforgivable.

Here is the clearest explanation of the data on vaccine effectiveness I have seen so far:

Clearly, this gets me very steamed up.

Our civil servants have been extraordinary in their care. They haven’t done a perfect job, but they have had shocking lack of support, including incompetence and malevolence at the highest levels of government.

We have had data about the vaccines, sometimes the amount of data has been overwhelming. But data isn’t provided to a lot of people in a lot of countries the way it is here. In Russia they basically skipped phase 3 testing. The effectiveness data for the two Chinese vaccines is no where to be found. Yet they are shooting up people with them around the world. Do you think either of those countries would halt distribution over a million to one side effect?

Perfect, maybe not. But our government has done a good job, and, since the new administration has come in, been open and honest when it would have been less confusing to obfuscate. The selfish jerks who are working to harm our nation need to be called what they are, not coddled as if they are reasonable.

2 thoughts on “Getting tired of “it””

  1. I’m afraid the notion of “Civil Service” from politicians was a ship that sailed long ago. They care about one thing, and one thing only: getting re-elected. The US political system is broken, yet the votes necessary to change anything at all are at the hands of the very ones whom want it to remain broken. Yet Americans continue to re-elect them. I will never understand. Maddening, at best.

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  2. The virus may have mutated but if vaccines were more readily available, we would not be in such a dire situation. Australia is last of all nations to reach vaccination levels and we are still la way off anything substantial thanks largely to government inaction.

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