Echos of light


A fancy old mirror seems like it just needs a story to go with it.
Mirror, mirror on the wall…
A broken mirror found in the desert.
Self portrait in a broken mirror.
Sunset in the rear view mirror.


Sometimes nature provides the mirror.

Clouds reflected in the Columbia River at Cascade Locks, Oregon.
Dramatic sky reflected in Puget Sound.
Trees at Fern Cove on Vashon Island, reflected in the tide flats.
Sky and trees in the wet tide flats at Fern Cove on Vashon Island.
Reflection lakes at Mount Rainier.
The mountain.

For Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Reflections and Mirrors. To convert to black and white I used the GIMP for some and Nik Silver Effects Pro for others.

The originals:

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