Whatsoever is lovely…day 2

A bright cherry leaf displaying its fall colors of yellow and orange. Photo was edited suing Topaz Studio 2.
A fallen sunbeam?

Today is gray and wet. The fallen and soon to fall leaves are a bright spot on the day. They soaked up the sunshine all summer and are now drifting down. This cherry leave is giving off one last flash of light before it starts to compost.

Gan Xingfu (chasing happiness) 赶兴福

This November I am chasing happiness by photographing and sharing one lovely thing I see each day. I do edit the photos, often with an artistic effect like the one above, because playing with a lovely thing makes me happy.

For more explanation about this project check out this post: Whatsoever is lovely…day 1.

This is posted for Nanopoblano and Cee’s Flower of the Day (she accepts leaves too).

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