Whatsoever is lovely…day 5

The hummingbirds are out and about. I think there are at least four hanging out in my back yard. At least none of the four photos appears to be of the same bird.

Gan Xingfu (chasing happiness) 赶兴福

This November I am chasing happiness by photographing and sharing one lovely thing I see each day. I do edit the photos, often with an artistic effect like the one above, because playing with a lovely thing makes me happy.

Note: My son checked with his co-workers and, while they haven’t heard the phrase gan xingfu, they thought it was just fine to use.

For more explanation about this project check out this post: Whatsoever is lovely…day 1.

This is posted for Nanopoblano .

8 thoughts on “Whatsoever is lovely…day 5”

  1. Oh wow / the photos are so clear and it makes this little bird seem bigger than it is – and it reminds me how thanks to photographers we are able to see so much of their beauty because it is hard to when they come and go so fast

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  2. Beautiful pictures! 😍 I love hummingbirds so much and call me crazy but one of my favorite things to do is watch Animal Planet type shows where they slow down the footage of hummingbirds wings fluttering. It’s so beautiful. 😍

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