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Only five?

Today’s Bloganuary prompt is: What are 5 things you are grateful for today?

People say things like “count your blessings”, but I don’t think of them as finite entities you can count one, two, three.

Most things have both good and bad aspects to them. You can’t have the good without the bad. But, in my experience, if you focus on the good your life will be a bit less frazzled. I actually started hosted a new blogging challenge related to this today before I read this prompt, info below.

None-the-less here are five blessings from this day

  1. The weather: It was clear, but cold. The light was beautiful. To my eye even the flowers killed by our recent cold snap look beautiful.
Fading rose

2. I found a treasure trove of old photos from 2005 that I thought I had lost. They’ve been missing for years. They were in a couple of CDs in an envelope behind some other things when I was reorganizing a shelf. We were all so young!

3. Today I started a new blogging challenge: Whatsoever is lovely. I don’t do New Year’s resolutions, but I occasionally take on a new project. The reason I started this is to get me out of a rut. It’s related to gratitude. Feel free to join in.

Header for the Whatsoever is lovely blog challenge.
Header for the Whatsoever is lovely blog challenge.

4. We had a nice dinner.

A simple pleasure.

5. We are all healthy. Something we used to take for granted, but with Dad’s close call with an aortic aneurysm last year and the pandemic the simple fact that we are all well can’t be taken for granted. That in itself may be a reason for gratitude. Both the health and the recognition of its worth.

These are actually yesterday’s gratitudes, I am late because of a sixth: a call from my son in China. We talked so long that I went right to bed without posting.

Here’s wishing you a surprise sixth in your life today.

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