Living boldly, or not

Yesterday the prompt was “what does living boldly mean?”. I had a negative reaction to that. I thought, perhaps unfairly, that the prompt creators were trying to get people on to reveal their edginess. Ways they stand out. I am not edgy or bold. Not even a little bit.

Bold, bright colors are okay.

But I’m getting a bit tired of our cultural obsession with boldness. I get that it makes good TV, YouTube, TikTok…But, maybe, that shouldn’t be our primary aim in life.

The obsession with boldness has permeated our culture to where we have the people now being referred to as “Karens” boldly being obnoxious all over the place. People boldly going after nurses and flight attendants who are just doing their jobs trying to keep people safe for enforcing rules they don’t make. The actions of many elected officials are down right embarrassing. Supposedly, it seems like it’s okay to be mean, tell lies and be thoughtless if you are brash about it…

Frankly, I’m ready to see a shift from admiring boldness to admiring thoughtfulness and consideration.

Okay, maybe a little bit

Random thought: after reading today’s “inspiration” (what emoji(s) do you like to use?). I realized that I am in fact a little bold. I am boldly, as in very confidently showing a lack of fear, not posting on every prompt. I didn’t do a couple over the weekend, in part because I was making my own content, but also because I have absolutely no idea what I like about my writing or what people incorrectly assume about me.


In order to address two prompts with one post: I do know what an emoji is. I do not use them because, to me, there is way too much chance that whoever sees them will not understand what I mean. I try to use accurate language. I rarely understand what the little buggers are supposed to mean.

I can’t tell you how many times I told my son to “use his words” when he was a toddler. Why on earth regress?

I should also admit that I can’t ever remember how to find them 😉.

12 thoughts on “Living boldly, or not”

  1. Hey there, I totally agree with you about how boldness has taken on a new edge. And we saw a pageant recently and the winner acted all tough and crouched down to make two fists – I know it is a culture thing – but was expecting grace – and class

    and I like using emojis on the phone – and I guess sometimes in blog comments -but mostly on the phone – sometimes a heart and praying hands can be a nice wrap up – – or the laughing smile face can be an easy reply to a funny joke and more fitting than “that was funny”
    and while I agree with your sentiment about using words – and we do need to – there are times when these little icons are just fun and express thought just well (IMHO)

    side note – the phones now have an option where you can leave an emoji on a message – like a heart, a thumb up, two exclamation marks, etc.
    however, it does not always translate across cell phone models and carriers and so my husband had someone send him a comment and he chose a laugh smile face – but rather than send the emoji – the translation was “laughed at your comment” and later, the guy was puzzle d- why did you laugh at it? they figured it out – but my hubs does not use those very much anymore – words can be much clearer –

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  2. regarding what people like about your writing – here is my take – I like how you write because it is succinct and yet detailed enough to give details of settings, smells, items, or people.
    I usually join in with your pull up a seat challenge (and so behind but I take seat pictures often and think of your fun challenge a lot)
    anyhow, when I come to your blog to get to the pull up a seat page, I usually see some of your pinned posts and that allowed me to get a feel for your writing.
    You also have a genuine open feel with the content. Many bloggers are uber guarded abut personal details (and not judging at all – because some are here in a more work mode or professional , right?)
    anyhow, so when you shared about elder care, or asian travels, or even just life events, it feels like friend having a conversation and leaves the reader with a warmth (from being touched by connection, because that is what genuine story sharing can do)
    so how’s that for one reader’s take on your writing?

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  3. Good reading your post regarding the prompts lately. I started out doing them, but have stopped now. Either I couldn’t think of anything to say, or they are just too intrusive for me.
    I like using emojis, but just a few like a heart or smily face. That’s on here. On my phone I only text to my daughters, and I use a lot just to decorate and be fun with them. 🙂

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    1. Thank you. I haven’t found all of the prompts particularly interesting. Maybe those of us who have blogged for a while have developed our own styles. You have shared a lot of your history. I remember the posts about your grandma in particular, because I was so close to mine.

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      1. That could be why, because I’ve done so many question and answer prompts in the past 10 years I’m not wanting to answer the same thing over again. I’m glad you liked my posts about my grandma. I need to actually write some new stuff, maybe I’d get more interested than just doing prompts. Well, it’s a new year, so maybe I’ll come up with something. 🙂

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  4. I don’t follow the blog prompts or challenges, but I like your suggestion of thoughtfulness and consideration. I take “bold” to mean stepping out of one’s comfort zone, not to be competitive with others but to improve oneself. I have an Eleanor Roosevelt quote on my fridge: “Do one thing every day that scares you.” Maybe not every day, but sometimes we all need a little encouragement to do our best and experience new things.

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