A hot air balloon firing just before sunrise.

Three Amazing Days

Certainly one of the most memorable things in my life was a three day safari at Masai Mara National Park in Kenya. It was about ten years ago now but the memories have not faded. Words can’t describe being in such an awe inspiring place. I was there for only three days but…wow…I look back and have a hard time believing all of the amazing wildlife we saw.

For Len’s Artists Photo Challenge: Memorable Events, and Sunday Stills: Wildlife.

9 thoughts on “Three Amazing Days”

  1. I can easily understand your awe and enthusiasm – I have never been to a safari, but I think I can imagine! And you have some gorgeous photos taken there as well – meetings of a very special kind. The great predators are of course fantastic – cats are my favourites. Thank you for sharing great memories!

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