I need a reprieve from the crazy

A week ago, or, the way things go, maybe it was actually two…or even three weeks, there was yet another kerfuffle. Some pert young guest, I think she was one of the infinite pool of “journalists” who actually are opinionators (a made up word), on the Bill Maher show said she was “done with the pandemic”. Not without reason, an older medical professional called her out on it: Medical professionals can’t just say “I’m done with the pandemic”…or if they do, a whole lot more people will be a whole lot sicker than necessary and there will be unnecessary deaths.

Now, Maher, who makes a very nice living as a pert opinionator, and what-ever corporation he feeds clicky-dollars to, probably LOVED the effect. To me it was yet another example of how being bratty is worth real money, instead of a time-out, in today’s world.

It was yet another reminder that the pandemic has affected different people, and groups of people, in different ways… But it got me thinking.

Side note: What would have been truly impressive was if the pert opinionator had said “I tired of the pandemic and am going to train as a nurse to help out. I realize that there is a glut in the pert opinionator market, but we need medical professionals so that nurses aren’t working so much over-time.”

The pandemic hasn’t been so bad for me

I talked about this a bit in my At the end of the year post. I am middle aged (on the downhill side), healthy, retired, comfortably off, and, perhaps most importantly, an introvert. I have no problem staying home most of the time. No one I know has died, even the ones I would have put on a hit list (joking…well at least half joking). I would love to see my son, but he is healthy and, due to the miracles of the modern age, we can talk to him at essentially no cost (they didn’t even have telephones everywhere during the 1918 flu epidemic).

But I am tired

I am tired of people being selfish jerks. It seems like that is the real pandemic, and it has not become less deadly as it is spreading faster and faster.

The cazy continues

Take these truckers. I read in the Economist this morning that what they are protesting is having to follow the same rules as everyone else about border crossings!!! In other words: they are just being jerks.

If they were protesting about long hours, if they were protesting that, somehow, none of the extra money people are paying due to inflation is getting into their pockets, if they were protesting that they aren’t paid while they are waiting in line to pick up a load at a port… I would feel for them. There are real problems many truckers face. But this appears to be a political stunt about not having special privileges.

What baffles me is why the truckers are losing money, and possibly going to jail, for no long term benefit. Seems like maybe someone is manipulating them. Maybe some uber-rich, Fox news pert opinionator? Or whoever is hoovering up the clicky-dollars?

What I need is a reprieve from jerks and craziness.

For Fandango’s Word of the Day:Reprieve .

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