When life gives you boots…

The Old Chapel Bed and Breakfast at Bowness on Solway was where we started our Hadrian’s Wall Walk. But most people walk in the other direction, ending there. A lot of folks had left their hiking boots in the trash at the B&B, never wanting to see them again.

The proprietor had a sense of humor and she fished boots out of the trash and used them as planters.

The night we stayed before starting, we chatted with a pair of hikers who were finishing up, they showed off their significant blisters. It was intimidating.

However, they had walked the wall in three days (for contrast we took 11).

We didn’t have problems with blisters but, even so, we did leave my husband’s boots on a trash can on the next to last day of the hike.

Our contribution

His boots started to come apart on the third day (after Carlisle, the last city where we could have found replacements).

The beginning of the end

He tried tying them together with string, then, at one wonderful B&B (the Henshaw Barn, somewhere in the middle of the hike), the owner glued them together for him. That lasted a short time, but, finally, he had to give up and bid them farewell.

Saying goodbye.

He walked the rest of the way in his non-hiking shoes.

The moral of the story is: ALWAYS make sure you can walk in any pair of shoes you bring along.

For Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: bare feet or boots.

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