While my cat lay dying…

You might say that I’ve been on a creative ramble of late. Calling it a journey would ascribe an intent that doesn’t exist.

My cat passed away just before Easter. I had the luxury of time, and spent a lot of it letting her be on my lap petting her. She has always liked to “help” me with computing. I think she liked the warmth of the computer and it felt like I was petting her when I used the mouse.

I got a little bored just sitting though, and went down an internet rabbit hole that wound up with discovering a program called Blender.

Blender is my kind of video game. It is a 3-d graphics program. I have no idea why it is named after a kitchen appliance.

I started by doing YouTube tutorials.

I did the donut:

Screen shot of my take on the famous donut tutorial from Blender Guru.
I did the donut!

This was a 16 part tutorial by Blender Guru. It is legendary, almost everyone mentions “doing the donut” in their “my journey to learning Blender” posts, of which there are many. This is an amazing, incredibly thorough tutorial. It is animated : The donut spins and the sprinkles drift downwards, like petals falling. My computer would take about 12 hours to render it into a video so I haven’t completed that last step. I also did Gran Abbitt’s Old Man and Scary Monster beginner series. (If you ever decide to learn this program I’d start with that, then do the donut.)

Nothing is safe from my new obsession:

About the time I finished those tutorials my sister-in-law sent us a cute Easter card:

My first solo project, based on a greeting card.
Nothing is safe from my new obsession!

I watched sculpting tutorials by Grant Abbitt and made this:

Another solo project.
My golden squirrel pen.

Now, I have two projects going. I am modeling my sister’s Asian garden into a fantasy island, and I am learning how to “rig” and animate characters with Ryan King Art’s Penguin Tutorial.

I am on part five of Ryan King's tutorial to create a penguin, rig it then do an animation.
Isn’t he a cutie?

I’m already eyeing my little deer Amie-Lu for a potential rig.

I've been wondering if I could make Amie-Lu dance.

For Ragtag Daily Prompt: Creativity.

5 thoughts on “While my cat lay dying…”

  1. Wow – this sounds so cool
    And sounds like you have a gift for using Blender –

    And side note – the word blender didn’t initially signal a kitchen alliance to me – maybe because we have used a Ninja mixer for so many years – and so I thin the word Blender is more about layering and creating – like you did – hmmm

    Liked by 1 person

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