As if in a dream

According to one definition surreal means an oddly dreamlike quality.

Accidental motion blur.
I dropped my camera while taking a picture of the things I was packing .

A decade ago I went on a three day safari before heading out to a remote village in Kenya where we were working on getting a library set up.

The safari was surreal in a few ways: the animal life so different from what I am used to seeing. They were doing a burn to keep the grasslands healthy and it was the rainy season, so the atmosphere had a hazy other-worldly quality. (You can make an image larger by clicking on it).

Safari link plane arriving to take me away.

The return from the safari, flying over the Kibera slums

A bird’s eye view of Nairobi. The rusty sea of irregular roofs in the center is the Kibera slum.

then traveling though “the jam”,

then to the hot crowded reality of a small village

magnified the dreamlike quality of those three days at Masai Mara.

For the Lens Artists Challenge: Surreal I took a few photos from that little trip and played with them to get an even more surreal look, using a bunch of different tools and techniques in Topaz Studio 2.

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