Nothing but blue skies…

…At least for now. They are predicting snow later today.

This is a a follow up to the Winter Storm Watch post. Here is approximately the same view this morning.

Early morning skies: View from Cedarhurst on Vashon Island across Colvos Passage on Puget Sound toward the west.

In the above photo you can just see the top of the mountain I mentioned in that post, Mount Constance. Zooming in you can see the snow from the storm:

Mount Constance in the Olympic Mountains of Washington state peeking over the Kitsap Peninsula.

A reminder of the cloud break up that the mountains cause (you can also see how the water is affected by the neutral density filter)

The same view as a winter storm blew  in.

For Hammad Rais’s Weekend Sky challenge.

Keep warm and safe!

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