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One-to-Three Photo Processing Challenge-April 2023

The challenge is simple: take one photo and get creative with it by processing it three different ways. I’ll do a start up post on the first of each month, including a round up of entries from the preceding month, so we can all share in the creativity and fun.

To join in create a pingback or write a comment below that includes the URL to your post.

I started this challenge on my other web site, I am moving it over here because I couldn’t get ping backs to work on that site. I haven’t had that problem on this site, so I decided not to fight it any more….

Murphy never rests. Now it seems that pingbacks are being hit or miss here. If yours doesn’t work you can put your link into a comment and/or use the tag tsc_1to3.

Here are the contributions for March 2023

Here’s my April 2023 contribution:

The original photo is in the first frame. The variations use different filters and looks in Topaz Studio 2. I first used the AI Clear filter. Then, since the photo was rather busy, the Abstraction filter. In that filter I simplified the shapes, gave a small feature boost and increased the detail just a bit.

For the first variant I added a border type texture.

For the second one I used the AI Remix filter, with the Charcoal Edges option at low strength.

For the third the Impression filter was added between the Abstraction and Texture layers of the first variant.

Challenge Background

Since having to isolate due to the pandemic, last spring, I’ve been doing a lot of experimentation with photo processing and I thought it might be fun to share some of the things I’ve discovered and see what others are doing.

I’m hosting the challenge on the other site to try and keep my skills alive.

Link to the One-to-Three Photo Processing Challenge.

13 thoughts on “One-to-Three Photo Processing Challenge-April 2023”

  1. I actually caught up with this challenge. I usually lose it in the endless stream of spam and scam emails under which I seem to be permanently buried.

    Do you use the actual Topaz Studio? I should try it again. I just find it very slow compared to PhotoShop — but I’m beginning to find PS has its own issues. I can’t seem to find what I want which were all the filters I used to have before windows changed to 11 and they stopped working.

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    1. I do use Topaz Studio 2. It’s a bit quirky sometimes, but it has some really cool filters. I’ve never used PS…or Windows 11, but I sympathize. It’s so frustrating when something was working fine and they mess it up for no benefit.


      1. They had their reasons, though frankly I tend to doubt whether it will mean anything in the long run. I LOVED those filters — and I paid for them, too. Losing them was awful and there are a lot of things I was able to do with them that I haven’t been able to do since.

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