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Whatsoever is Lovely Challenge-2023 Week 18

Running a little late this week, I was away over the weekend.

This challenge is simple: step back for a few minutes each week to find a lovely thing, a precious moment, anything you find lovely. Then post about it. You can just post a picture or you can go into detail and tell it as a reflection, story or poem.

It could be anything:

a smile…a rainbow…a flower…a kind act…a tasty treat

What was lovely in your life this week?

Quick note: I have been alerted that ping-backs aren’t working sometimes. If you use “whatsoever-is-lovely” as a tag it can help me find your post in case the ping-back doesn’t work.

Lovely posts from last week

My lovely for this week

April has been more like March this year. It came in like a lion:

But it’s heading out like a bah lamb, sunny and warm and mellow:

Temps are supposed to drop again as the rain comes back tomorrow, but that makes these few days seem extra special.

I’ve been lazy about posting of late so I’m linking this to Cee’s Flower of the Day, Hammad Rais’s Weekend Sky and the Changing Seasons.

Join in!

I will post once a week, Sunday at noon in Seattle (8pm GMT) is my goal, and put a list of posts from the previous week in it. Basically using the same method I do with the Pull up a Seat Challenge. Detailed instructions are on the page: Whatsoever is lovely blog challenge.

Banner/badge for the Whatsoever is Lovely blog challenge.
Banner/badge for the Whatsoever is Lovely blog challenge.


We live in a world that seems to value drama, anger, fear and violence. Being mean often passes for being smart. These are the things that “go viral”, magnified in the media. Sometimes, the things that really make life worth living are small and simple. They don’t make for good TikTok. This is a chance to share that type of moment from our lives.

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