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Pull up a Seat Photo Challenge 2020-Week 8


Welcome to week 8 of the Pull up a Seat Challenge in 2020.

Take a load off and share a favorite perch by linking your post to this one, either with a comment or ping-back. For more detailed directions go to Pull Up a Seat page.

It is always fun to see the variety of ideas this theme evokes.

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On Saturday it rained…

One of the simple joys of the just past mid-winter season is when my dad’s Pink Perfection camellias bloom. Somehow they appeal to me most on the darkest wettest days…like they are saying “neeener-neeener” to the winter weather.

Peek-a-boo camellia!
A little bruised but still stunning.

These bushes are over 60 years old. My father, now in his early 80’s, worked for the local green house company when he was in high school and they were experimenting with camellia’s for corsages. Because the blooms are so delicate and bruise so easily they were not deemed a good commercial idea and they tore out the bushes. Ever the scavenger, Dad brought them home and planted them. They have been abused and battered by winter storms for over sixty years, yet every year they put forward gorgeousness in the midst of dank grey. Just when I need it most!

Still going for it with gusto!

For Sunshine’s Macro Monday…and Jez’s Water Water Everywhere (there were A LOT of raindrops! and me feet got really wet taking these pictures).

A harbinger of spring

The plum blossom is an important symbol in Chinese culture. One of the “four gentlemen” in traditional painting. Here is an interesting article about it’s symbolism in China (the Epoch Times can be a bit weird, but this article is pretty good). It’s symbolizing of hope in hardship and regeneration of life seems appropriate to the current epidemic.

Wishing all in China (which includes my son, who is not ill, or in a particularly dangerous area, but is starting week 3 of a lock down in his community) hope and courage in the face of this crisis.

For Cee’s Flower of the Day

Bee haven

This is part of this year’s Sculpture in the Gardens at Auckland Botanical Gardens. It is by artist Jane Downes.

Yes, there were some real bees in the same garden:

Bee Haven Sculpture from Sculpture in the Gardens at Auckland Botanical Gardens, for Sculpture Saturday.

We were lucky enough to happen on the Sculpture in the Gardens while killing time waiting for our late night flight home. The Auckland Botanical Gardens were lovely and it was easy to get there using local buses. I’ll share a few more from this exhibit in the next few weeks.

For Mind over Memory’s Sculpture Saturday.

Which way to Paradise? It's a loop trail!

Here are a few photos from a walk we took round trip from Paradise Bay on Urupukapuka Island for Alive and Trekking’s Which Way Challenge. I wish I could also share with you the smell of the air, the bush had a sweet smell, and the singing of the birds, and the warmth of the air with a cool breeze for balance…

Another “way”

Heading out for a glorious day on the Bay of Islands, aboard the good ship R. Tucker Thompson.
Come sail away!
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