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Shibao Zhai Pagoda

Projecting from a stone island in the Yangtze River is the arresting sight of Shibao Zhai.

This pagoda appears to be almost convex due to the shape of the rock on which it was constructed.

The lower levels of this ancient pagoda would have been destroyed by the flooding caused by the construction of the Three Gorges Dam. Communal action, in the form of building a coffer dam has preserved this important site.

A response to the Thursday‘s-Special Challenge.

A little more Fengdu

Incense. Red ribbons. Lots and lots of people and stairs.

Like many important locations in China (and elsewhere). Fengdu Ghost City is a mixture: there are temples for Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism at the site. It is crowded (being a stop for all of the Yangtze River Cruises through the Three Gorges). It seems a bit like an amusement park in some ways and yet for many who visit it is also sacred.

It is an old location, predating all of the religions that have temples there. Some of the buildings and statues are quite ancient where others are new recreations, some are elegant and subdued and others are vibrantly colorful.

Which way to the ghosts?

Fengdu in Chongqing district of China is called “ghost city”. I visited there a week ago today.

Hill with the temples of Ghost City in Fengdu.

It was a long climb from the boat. We were there as a parade was going up.

I think the parade may have been related to the holiday Qing Ming Jie, a celebration of spring usually translated as “tomb sweeping”, although it encompasses more. The blog Spaceship China has an interesting post about the holiday.

 I’ll post pictures of the ghosts next time.

Cee’s Which Way Challenge

A quick smile

Every so often something random will make me laugh. I’m in Beijing and up in the middle of the night. I just read rules for subway travel: they don’t allow you to bring unsafe items. Makes sense, right? One of the items they list as specifically prohibited is refrigerators. 

I keep forming pictures in my head of wrestling a refrigerator down escalators and stairs in a subway station. I figure they wouldn’t list it specifically unless someone tried to do it at some point…

It’s like a comedy skit where kids torment someone by saying don’t think about purple elephants.