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July Blue Squares-8

A blue flocked statue of Paddington Bear.
An all blue Paddington, beside the canal in Little Venice of London.
A white Paddinton Bear statue decorated with blue (except for the red double decker bus) London sights.
White Paddington with mostly blue London Landmarks, in a little Park between Paddington Station and Hyde Park.

Walking about in the area of Paddington Station last summer we saw several of these decorated bears. The information on the base says that there is a “pawprint trail” starting at Paddington Station. It looked like it would be fun to follow. There are always way more fun things to do than time in which to do them…

The Life of B’s July Blues-8

Where fairies live

Perhaps because we mostly have alder and evergreens locally I was quite fascinated by some of the trees, mostly I think they were sycamore, or plane trees, that we saw while walking Hadrian’s Wall National Trail in England last summer.

I think I love them because they remind me of fairy stories.

Lens Artists Photo Challenge #50: Trees

From Sea to Shining Sea

Our walk along Hadrian’s Wall Path last summer took us from Solway Firth on the west coast of England to (after a short metro ride from Wallsend) to the North Sea at Whitley Bay.

At the start of the 12 day walk we were up late (sunset was around 10 pm) and early, due to a combination of jet lag and adrenaline. The day after the walk we just went out after breakfast.

For Nancy Merrill’s Photo a Week: horizons.