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Mid-week monochrome skies

Mid-week monochrome seems like a perfect description of today’s skies. I took a couple of pictures while we were getting on the ferry and was curious to see how much difference switching to black and white would make

Ferry leaving the north end of Vashon Island.
Same photo as above with GIMP's desaturate HSV filter applied.
Simple desaturation

Then I played with a more elaborate black and treatment:

Dramatic treatment using Nik

Looking in another direction.

Looking north-northwest from the Fauntleroy ferry dock in Seattle
Same photo desaturated using the GIMP's desaturate with the luma method.
Simple desaturation

A more dramatic treatment using the Nik Silver Effects pro

Dramatic black and white

Since we had thunderstorms and a lot of rain the more dramatic black and white seem to suit the feel of the day. But my eyes did not deceive me: there isn’t a whole lot of difference between the color image and one that is simply desaturated.

A little later we got a little more light (and the power came back on!).

Skies over Fern Cove on Vashon Island.
Same photo desaturated using the GIMP's built-in desaturate value method.
Simple desaturation
Same photo using the Nik Collection's Silver Effects Pro.
Dramatic treatment using the Nik Silver Effects Pro program.

For Brashley Photography’s Mid-week Monochrome.

Unstitchable skies

The last photos on my card for March are a sequence of the interesting skies we had yesterday evening. A weather front was moving in.

I was hoping to stitch them into a panarama, but I didn’t have my monopod and the angles and scales are a little too wonky to pull it off.

For Bushboy’s Last on Card: March and Hammad Rais’s Weekend Sky.

The gray is back today

It’s too dark to take decent photos outside today. But I want to share yesterday’s golden hour and sunset. The clouds were rather unusual; they had a cool texture that caught the light in interesting ways.

Sun hiding behind the clouds
Looking the other way: Do you see the tiny moon?
Last light reflected on the clouds.

For Weekly Prompts: Golden Hour.