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This week’s skies

Earlier this week we had some haze from wildfires in the upper atmosphere. It gave a kind of eerie, other-world feel.

But the weather shifted and the past couple of days we’ve had some interesting rather choppy clouds.

For Hammad Rais’s Weekend Sky and the Lens Artist Challenge: Skyscapes or Cloudscapes.

Fall walk

The weather has taken a turn toward almost winter, with chilly air and storms blowing through. Yesterday I cut short our morning walk because of weather.

But in the afternoon a chance sunbeam alerted me to a break in the clouds and we went out for a short one. By the time we got leashed up things were not looking very promising, but we persisted.

The dark skies do make the colors in the foliage and flowers that are still hanging on pop.

It was a nice little break in the weather. Little being the operative word, as the clouds steadily poured in, then started pouring.

For Becky’s Walking squares and Cee’s Flower of the Day.

Unstitchable skies

The last photos on my card for March are a sequence of the interesting skies we had yesterday evening. A weather front was moving in.

I was hoping to stitch them into a panarama, but I didn’t have my monopod and the angles and scales are a little too wonky to pull it off.

For Bushboy’s Last on Card: March and Hammad Rais’s Weekend Sky.