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This week’s skies

Earlier this week we had some haze from wildfires in the upper atmosphere. It gave a kind of eerie, other-world feel.

But the weather shifted and the past couple of days we’ve had some interesting rather choppy clouds.

For Hammad Rais’s Weekend Sky and the Lens Artist Challenge: Skyscapes or Cloudscapes.

If you look up close…

These aren’t what you normally think of when you think of spring flowers, but, if you look very close, you can see that these alder catkins are clusters of little dark pink flowers.

From a distance the alders have a pink/orange patina due to the color of the catkins (they are the deciduous trees with the light trunks).

For Cee’s Flower of the Day and Denzil Nature Photo Challenge: Pink.

Miss Max

Some photos I took last week of my dad’s dog, Max. In a rare period where she was holding still enough to take a picture.

Max is a girl. Dad likes short easy to spell names, his last dog, also female, was Sam. I guess we kids were lucky that he wasn’t tasked with naming us.

The Barmy Codger himself. He never looks happy, I think it’s the mustache.

I used Topaz Studio 2 Impression and Texture filters on Max, Dad is beyond help.