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Sweet details

The entire display is called a Gingerbread Village, I’m not sure what they call the individual entries. But I think of them as sweet sculptures. I showed one of them in yesterday’s Pull up a Seat post. Here is another. This one is a village all on its own.

It’s worth clicking on the photos to make them bigger and zooming in a bit so you can see the details. I am always amazed by the creativity and fun details. It makes me think that the people who make them have fun with the project.

For Mind over memory’s Sculpture Saturday.

A miniature forest

A miniature forest of moss and lichens lives on my apple tree.
A tiny grove of bright green moss on a dead branch.

The closer one looks at moss the more fascinated one becomes…at least if the one is I. I can imagine a “Horton hears a who” story taking place on these tiny worlds tucked into the nooks of my dwarf apple trees.

The moss on my apple trees was catching the low angle of November’s light when I got home from walking the dogs this morning.

It seems appropriate for Sunshine’s Macro Monday!