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I never liked the artificial ones, but the ones in my garden always make me smile. These Egyptian Walking Onions are fascinating, and pretty wacky. Mother Nature never ceases to amaze. They grow a crop of new onion bulblets in their flowers.

They keep it up until the stem collapses under the weight, planting the series of bulblets, which is why they are called “walking”.

On the verge of collapse.

We aren’t the most disciplined of gardeners, and the onions are almost everywhere. Fortunately they are pretty tasty.

For Cee’s Flower of the Day.

Bright pink world

Squirrel peeking down from among the cherry blossoms.
Bright eyes and a bushy tail in the bright pink cherry blossoms.

The bright spot of Ginger’s day yesterday was espying a squirrel in the blossoms.

My dog Ginger keeping an eye on the squirrel in the tree.
Ginger likes to keep an eye on the little rascal in the tree.

It looked like it had snowed cherry blossoms…hard to believe there are any left in the tree.

For Becky of Winchester’s Bright Squares…and Life in Colour 2021.