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Appropriate technology

What is it?

I asked my husband to make me a cell phone prop for long video calls. I had envisioned, and even hinted, that using some of the nice scrap wood in the garage was a nice idea. Thinking elegance…

He used a cottage cheese carton. The upside is that it’s done and it works.

So is he an oddball? a genius? both?

For Kammie’s Oddball Photo Challenge.

Vicarious pleasure

These were growing in a neighbor’s parking strip last summer.

It’s been several years since we had sunflowers in the garden. We planted them one year and they reseeded for a few after that. The fascinating things was that every year they came up a little differently. The first year they were as the packet said. One year they were enormous, like 2 feet in diameter, one per plant. Another year they had several smaller flowers per plant. We never harvested them, but the squirrels and birds loved them. I don’t remember why we planted them in the first place (it was over 20 years ago), it might have been a project for my son. Our garden went Darwinian (a survival of the fittest tangle) for several years. The big winners were potatoes, Egyptian walking onions, mint and parsley. Funny thing was we always got something from it, no matter how neglected.

But this year my husband has tamed it, things are growing in organized rows. But you can still see the parsley, mint, potatoes and walking onions poking up in unexpected places. It is their garden after all!

For Cee’s on the Hunt for Joy.

a lucky pig

I call her “Miss Piggy”. Truth to tell I could be wrong, since I don’t know how to discern gender with pigs, but I haven’t noticed any evidence that it is “Mr. Piggy”. Obviously a well loved pet. My dogs always want to stop and sniff around when she is out.

While I don’t want a pig, two cute dogs and a royal cat are more than enough, Miss Piggy does always make me smile.

For Kammie’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge.

Happy spring

Spring is a time of new life. Both Easter and Passover are celebrations of that.

These days the exuberant, lush new life of spring feels a bit awkward. We are living under an unseen, often deadly, cloud, but the sun is shining. We are feeling threatened and uncertain, yet the trees are leafing out, and spring flowers are blooming, including the blossoms of fruit trees, promising a harvest to come, just like usual.

The challenge of this spring is to be patient and careful, and also to appreciate the beauty. Stay safe, but be happy also.

Photos and wishes for you to have a happy spring.

A bear-y good idea

I used a bunch of things from my basement: my son’s old stuffed bunny collection, my old teddy bear and several handmade kites I got as souvenirs visiting Weifang China(self-proclaimed Kite Capital of the World) to put together this cheerful display in our bay window. The next week I learned that putting bears into windows is a nation-wide “thing”: Why you’re seeing teddy bears and rainbows in windows right now.

Seems like a fun idea…and not just for kids.

For Kammie’s Oddball Challenge.