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The eyes have it

Jenn at Wit’s End Travel has a thoughtful article and challenge about eyes. This has made me really conscious of eyes as I have both taken and post processed pictures this past week.

I was really surprised at how much difference a single eye can make to a picture. Great Blue here is trying to keep warm in a tree. I’m not sure why s/he (I don’t know how to tell with herons) popped an eye out to see what was going on.

I really noticed that the direction the eyes point give a lot of the meaning in a photo. Examples of this below.

Even at that there is something nice about pictures where the eyes are on the camera.

Building Kwa Muema

Kwa Muema means “Good Place”, but I can’t remember if it is Swahili or Kikamba. It was the name of the secondary school under construction in these pictures.

One of my various projects these past few months has been to learn more about post-processing. Cee’s challenge this week gives me a chance to try out some vintage black and white techniques in LightRoom. I thought they suited the classic nature of the subject: these pictures could have been taken almost any time in the last hundred years.

These are pictures taken on my first trip to Africa. We went as part of a “mission trip” (not a good description, but I may never be able to fully process the trip and find words for what it actually was). We were planning to help with construction of a new classroom for the secondary school. But, for the most part, our help wasn’t really wanted (it took paying jobs away, but there was also some political weirdness).

For Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Construction Related

Blue Hour Cityscape

Serendipity struck this evening. A rather nice sunset was rapidly closing down in the west, but the light was still reflected in windows of some of the tall buildings.

My grandmother’s nursing home is on a hill with a lovely view of downtown Seattle. I happened to have my new tripod in the car and a few minutes between needing to be places. You can see any picture larger by clicking on it.

Posted for Lens Artists Photo Challenge: Cityscapes.