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Miss Max

Some photos I took last week of my dad’s dog, Max. In a rare period where she was holding still enough to take a picture.

Max is a girl. Dad likes short easy to spell names, his last dog, also female, was Sam. I guess we kids were lucky that he wasn’t tasked with naming us.

The Barmy Codger himself. He never looks happy, I think it’s the mustache.

I used Topaz Studio 2 Impression and Texture filters on Max, Dad is beyond help.

Early morning waves and rocks in black and white

Early morning waves on Sandy Beach on Oahu
A big splash

Sandy Beach on Oahu really is sandy, but toward one end it has these interesting lava rocks. Watching the waves crash on the rocks is rather hypnotic. Even though the sunrise colors were very lovely I think black and white brings out the drama of the water.

For Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Rocks, Boulders, Stones, Lens-Artists Challenge: Water, and Brashley Photography’s Mid-week Monochrome.

I used a combination of the black and white tools built into the GIMP and Nik Collections Silver Effects Pro to create the images above.

The gray is back today

It’s too dark to take decent photos outside today. But I want to share yesterday’s golden hour and sunset. The clouds were rather unusual; they had a cool texture that caught the light in interesting ways.

Sun hiding behind the clouds
Looking the other way: Do you see the tiny moon?
Last light reflected on the clouds.

For Weekly Prompts: Golden Hour.