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Decaffeinated Drinks

You can get coffee almost anywhere. There are a few places where it still hasn’t reached, and many where it is a luxury. Tea’s fine and it is available even more places than coffee. But you can’t bank on it: I have been to one hotel, at the top of Mount Tai that had neither. I really need my morning pick-me-up. But now-a-days I also need to switch to caffeine free beverages around noon.

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Blend in and Be Present

Be Present

While research has its place, I want to have my own experience without worrying about what I am supposed to see and feel.

I almost always study up on places before I go, to have an idea of what my options are and special significance of what I might see. Sometimes I look things up later, to better understand what I saw, but when I am somewhere I am just there.

My best memories are about things I couldn’t have planned, because I didn’t know they existed.

Me, flying a kite in People’s Park, Weifang.
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April A to Z-Travel Tips, Xingfu Style

There is an annual challenge called Blogging A to Z. Last year I gave it a whirl in China A to Z. This year I will share some travel tips. Please don’t go…

I know there are about a ka-jillion blog posts out there called “x travel tips you must follow”, “y things you need to pack” or similar. I have yet to find one that isn’t affiliate marketing. My tips are not. Nothing to buy, just some stuff I’ve learned, and maybe you can share what you’ve learned and we can have some fun.

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