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A different kind of prepping

Another Wordy Wednesday for me.

My Pinterest feed has been popping up a lot of “prepping” articles lately, leading me to believe that a lot of people are very pessimistic right now. I understand that. But I think the “preppers” have the wrong end of the stick.

With the passing of RBG, the T-party has embarked on yet another power grab. It’s getting boring.

The US Constitution isn’t worth the paper it’s written on anymore.

Give up protesting, kids, the first amendment** is toast at this point. Also, protesting just gives the T-Party a target, and attention, for reprehensible behavior. But, also…

The real risks right now are fiscal. But don’t panic, prepare.

Vote…and prepare for a depression

Medical expenses are no joke, and medical insurance is not cheap.

The Affordable Car Act is gone, give it up. There is no way to save it. If the Senate flips and Joe Biden is elected president, there might be a new plan, maybe even a better one, but don’t hold your breath. If the senate doesn’t flip, forget it. The Republicans haven’t ever done anything meaningful on health care and they won’t start now.

We all need to take stock of our finances and figure out how to manage without health insurance if you get COVID (or anything else) and cannot work. COBRA insurance costs an arm and a leg, and paying for it may mean some serious sacrifices if you have not accrued some savings before hand.

Remember that POTUS has already signed an executive order that de-funds Medicare and Social Security until the end of the year. The promise to make that permanent means that NOW is the time to get your finances in order, before the payments stop.

Figure out how you will manage without Medicare and Social Security. If you rely on the Affordable Care Act, figure out how you will either manage without health insurance or pay the increased costs.

Spending money stocking up on beans and ammo* may not be the best use for it. A better idea is to make sure to have money on hand. A massive pile of bullets or beans won’t help you pay medical bills…And if you don’t pay those you may wind up on the streets. And those streets are already full of people who went that way before you. The best shopping carts are gone. (That is a reference to an old Dilbert cartoon.)

It also means not borrowing more and paying down any debt you have, maybe giving up on a few luxuries like high price cable, Disney or Netflix.

We went down to one, paid-off, older car a couple of years ago. Savings on insurance alone were big. Maybe you could live in a more modest house…that could save a bundle. I’m putting off things like new carpets (my current one is about 40 years old) and my rummage sale wardrobe is holding up quite well. My husband likely never will finish replacing our fence, but we saved $20 grand over having it done by a contractor, and the dogs aren’t really inclined to roam…

Think through your medical choices and get your will in order

Like the teachers who responsibly made out their wills as they were being forced back to work, we all need to think about how we will manage.

While I plan to keep hiding away in the basement, wearing a mask when I do go out, and generally avoiding people to prevent getting sick (or making others sick), I have already decided that I do not plan to seek any treatment if I do get very sick, from COVID or cancer, or what-ever, in hopes that there will be something left for my son to inherit.

The younger generation is at a tremendous disadvantage: the plethora of jobs created recently are pretty much crap, like serving beer, delivering Amazon packages, and driving Ubers, with low pay and no benefits.

I do sometimes wonder

Will The Economy (as measured by stock indices) eventually reflect what’s going on in our homes?

*Most of the articles on “prepping” are very thinly veiled marketing to get you to spend (waste) a bunch of money so the authors will get rich.

**Second amendment folks shouldn’t get too cocky: they will be next.

Trump and The Rs have effectively de-funded police

I wrote to the mayor and a city council member who represents me about policing a while back, and they have both written back this week. In an interesting twist I realized that the senate Republicans and Donald Trump by not giving financial aid to cities and states are forcing them to cut all services drastically. Many, if not most cities and states rely heavily on sales taxes to fund basic services.

Unlike the feds the cities and states cannot print money. So in an ironic twist the Republicans have already made cuts. Do they ever think things through?

Encourage everyone you know to vote…because it really, really matters this time.

I realize that many who check in here are not involved in the United States of America. But if you are interested, feel free to use the following to encourage voting in this year’s elections. The stakes have never been higher in my, not exceptionally short, life.

I am not normally particularly political, but I really am concerned about the way things are going right now. Apologies to those who like pretty photos…I am trying to make those as well.

If you vote in the USA, information about how you can vote in this year’s elections can be obtained by texting “vote” to 30330.

Feel free to use the following designs.

I have uploaded this design and you can buy face masks, t-shirts, buttons, etc. At Red Bubble or Society 6.

Wise perspectives

A hall with altars to the sayings of  Confucius.
Hall of sayings at the Confucius Temple in Qufu, a.k.a., Kong Miao.

The following are two views of the same thing: Confucius’s Grave.

A pilgrim paying homage to Confucius's grave.
The most conventional view of Confucius’s grave.
From the side the more modest, original,tombstone is visible. In some ways it is protected by the more ornate, almost altar-like newer one.

These are photos from Qufu in Shandong Province, China. Confucius’s home town.

The July Perspectives is ending. It has been so much fun to try and think about things from the square perspective. Thank you, Becky, for this great challenge.