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Shockingly similar

This was on today’s New York Times cover:

This is photo of the Taliban in 2021:

This past few days I’ve been impressed by the similarities between the supported of the former president and the Taliban, a jihadist group of insurgents. The images are certainly similar but so are many of the tenets.

We need to recognize this and call out the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers and Boogaloo Boys and similar groups as what they are: jihadist insurgents. They are anarchist terrorist gangs.

They are not “nationalists”. They are anti government. They are not “conservative”. They are radical reactionaries. They are not Christians either; they do not follow the teachings of Jesus. If you don’t believe me, read the book of Matthew Chapters six and seven, a.k.a., the Sermon on the Mount.

Fascinating Discussion

I am a little behind the times, but a week of vacation and the long holiday weekend has me a little behind in the details of the news. This morning I watched this and was intrigued by it.

This YouTube interview is about Artificial Intelligence and our interaction with it. The reporter is the one who interviewed the Google software engineer who claimed that a piece of software was sentient.

It brings up a lot of really good things for us to consider as we move into the future: one where we will be interacting with these chat bots, whether we know we are or not.

Cascade Loop Scenic Byway

As I mentioned in a recent post, my husband and I took a road trip along the Cascade Loop Scenic Byway (Cascades are a mountain range). For those who don’t know where this is: This loop is in the North Cascades in Washington State, upper left corner of the continuous United States. If you are curious about the scenery in these parts take a look.

I have put together a day-by-day description (mostly just photos) of our trip on my other web site. Here is a list of those posts:

Local Vistas

I’m late. Lost a couple of days because we headed over to Dad’s to enjoy the low tides.

We live a block below the good views. Here is a random gallery of photos taken within walking distance of my house or my dad’s house, my two centers of orbit in response to last week’s lens artists challenge: Local Vistas.

To see any photo larger just click on it.

Lowest low

Due to the lunar nodal cycle we had the lowest low tide in 13 years yesterday. We spent the day over at my Dad’s. He lives on Vashon Island. For fun I took a series of photos from about the same vantage point to show the dramatic difference over the course of about twelve hours starting about 6 in the morning.

Clearly the weather wasn’t much: the sky was pretty much flat gray.

For Jez Braithwaite’s Water, Water, Everywhere.