CoBlocks Test Page

This page is a demo of the capabilities added by CoBlocks. CoBlocks is a GoDaddy sponsored plug-in that includes in part. More blocks are available for the most expensive plans. The ones shown below are included in the free and lower cost plans.

I have to say I am, for the most part, underwhelmed…but I dig the gradients you can add to the buttons. Also the light-box features on the galleries are elegant.

My only other comment is that since CoBlocks is a free plug-in on sites it doesn’t make a ton of sense that doesn’t let one use the full set of features.

This is called the “Hero” block:

XingfuMama Blog

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Buttons block

This is called “Click to Tweet”

I do not have a twitter account and have no idea what this will do if you click on it, but I wanted to have a full set of examples for CoBlocks.

I don’t give a tweet, but maybe you do.

This is called “Dynamic HR”

It adds a re-sizeable spacer between blocks. Style options are: dot, line, full width. Dot is shown below.

This is called Logos and Badges

I don’t know what the point of this one is. There seems to be zippity-doo-dah documentation for it.

This is a Pricing Table block


This is a CoBlocks Masonry Tiled Gallery

This is a CoBlocks Stacked Gallery

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