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Pull up a Seat Photo Challenge 2019-Week 6


Welcome to week 6 of the Pull up a Seat Challenge in 2019. Take a load off and share a favorite perch by linking your post to this one, either with a comment or ping-back. For more detailed directions go to Pull Up a Seat page.

Thank you to everyone who participated this week. It is always fun to see the variety of ideas.

Here are mine for this week (really this time!)

These were photographed in Buenos Aires about two years ago.

Over to you

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Recoleta Cemetery

It seemed odd to me that one of the “must see” places in Buenos Aires was a cemetery. I thought of headstones. There are some fascinating cemeteries in Boston, where I went to college. I used to enjoy (? that sounds a bit odd doesn’t it?) looking at the stones, some of famous folks, but many not, and imagining about their lives.

Recoleta Cemetery was totally out of my experience and preconceived ideas about cemeteries; a city of the dead surrounded by Buenos Aires, a very alive city.

So for this week’s Which Way Challenge here are a few views from Recoleta, ways lined with Mausoleums, with the backdrop of a modern city.

Which Way to the Obelisk?

In Buenos Aires one of the landmarks is the obelisk. Sometimes it is in the distanceksm20170104-cww-ba_obelisk-01

and sometimes it is closeksm20170105-cww-ba_obelisk-03

It looks the same from all directions, and is visible from several angles since several streets converge at it, so it doesn’t necessarily help you get a handle on where you are.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Both my husband (wearing the hat in the picture above) and I felt that Buenos Aires would suddenly shift direction as we walked along, and north might become east. The obelisk may have been its pivot point.

Post inspired by Cee’s Which Way Challenge.cees-which-way-1