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More ladies’ slippers

I’m still fixating on the Northwest Flower and Garden Show. Although we have had a few sunny days, the temps have been worthy of a refrigerator and, combined with familial stresses, it is challenging to try and break out of my winter doldrums. Sure glad I forced myself to take that one day off from winter to wallow in spring.

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White Clematis

Wandering about as I try to backup and organize my archives and create a system for moving forward I ran into these clematis photos from last May. Since I have been experimenting with post processing in LightRoom lately, I tried out a couple of techniques.

The second picture used techniques described by Bren at Ryan Photography.

The second photo above uses a LightRoom preset from Julie Powell that is from her Sunday Stills class.

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You learn something new every day


Both the Thanksgiving and the Christmas Cactus fall under the genus Schlumbergera which I learned as Schlumbergia years ago. The Thanksgiving Cactus has little spine-like notches coming off it’s leaves (just like a crab claw hence that common name) whereas the leaves of the Christmas Cactus are smoother. The Thanksgiving Cactus is timed to flower in November/December whereas it’s December/January for the Christmas Cactus.   —From How to Grow Christmas Cactus

Today was day for learning: in addition to learning that my “Christmas Cactus” was actually a “Thanksgiving” or “crab” cactus, I learned how to ftp into my currently under construction wordpress.org account, and how to fix the mysterious problem of the disappearing posts within it. I am so-o ready for a good night’s sleep.

Cee’s Flower of the Day