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Which way to the view?

The pups and I walk the same route most mornings, except when it is slicker weather. There is a spot along the way that we refer to as the “hump on 47th” where there are views out to the Olympic Mountains, when they are “out”. It is steep, a bit over grown and slippery on all but the driest days. Here is the path to our viewpoint from different directions (and different weather):

The view varies from mildly spectacular to non-existent:

For Cee’s Which Way Challenge

Garinish Garden Path

These were taken on a path through the lush gardens of Garinish, in Ireland.

Garinish is an island near the Ring of Kerry. For some reason (maybe because so many of the same plants we saw there are blooming right now) I’ve been thinking about it lately. It was a driving challenge to get there from where we were staying in Killarney, but the travel was through beautiful country and well worth the white knuckles through a few stretches. It’s not super well known.

Cee’s Which Way Challenge

Which way to wisdom?

I ducked into a side hall to avoid a large mass of “yellow necks”* at Kong Miao (Confucius Temple) yesterday. After noisy crowds outside, this long hall of what appear to be alters to sayings felt like the right path.

I was too frazzled by the crowds to find and read the description of what this hall actually is.

Response to Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge
*This was a coordinated mass of Chinese tour groups who wore yellow neck sashes. I played leap frog with them all day. The bonus is that they seemed to be putting on several reenactments for their benefit and I could slip in around the edges.

Which way to the ghosts?

Fengdu in Chongqing district of China is called “ghost city”. I visited there a week ago today.

Hill with the temples of Ghost City in Fengdu.

It was a long climb from the boat. We were there as a parade was going up.

I think the parade may have been related to the holiday Qing Ming Jie, a celebration of spring usually translated as “tomb sweeping”, although it encompasses more. The blog Spaceship China has an interesting post about the holiday.

 I’ll post pictures of the ghosts next time.

Cee’s Which Way Challenge

Recoleta Cemetery

It seemed odd to me that one of the “must see” places in Buenos Aires was a cemetery. I thought of headstones. There are some fascinating cemeteries in Boston, where I went to college. I used to enjoy (? that sounds a bit odd doesn’t it?) looking at the stones, some of famous folks, but many not, and imagining about their lives.

Recoleta Cemetery was totally out of my experience and preconceived ideas about cemeteries; a city of the dead surrounded by Buenos Aires, a very alive city.

So for this week’s Which Way Challenge here are a few views from Recoleta, ways lined with Mausoleums, with the backdrop of a modern city.

I chose the closed road

…and it made all the difference.

My choices were: go back home, dead end, or road closed. My trusty car is in the picture above, where I parked to do recon.

ksm-20170210-dead_end-01Our area was hit by several rain and wind storms after the snow last Monday, much of which is still slowly melting on Vashon, adding to the storm run off. It has created a very water logged world rife with mud slides and fallen trees. Yes, there are rain drops on the camera lens. The predicted rain was starting as I headed into an area where there were already problems.

But I had walked the road and knew I could get into where I needed to. My car was full of coolers so I could empty the fridge since I knew the power was out (it had been out for two days) and I didn’t figure they would get it on very quickly since they needed to replace a power pole that had snapped. I just didn’t know if something would happen so I couldn’t get out.

ksm-20170211-dead_end-03Just over 24 hours later, however, I came back out, the sun was shining, the power was on and the road was still closed…even though they brought some pretty big equipment in to plant a new power pole last night.

KSM-20170210-Dead_End-01-2.jpgThe county moves, or not, in mysterious ways, but Puget Sound Energy rocks: less than 12 hours from the time I called them about the downed pole they had replaced it, restrung the wires and the power (and heat!) was on.

Cee’s Which Way Challenge.