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Which Way to the Obelisk?

In Buenos Aires one of the landmarks is the obelisk. Sometimes it is in the distanceksm20170104-cww-ba_obelisk-01

and sometimes it is closeksm20170105-cww-ba_obelisk-03

It looks the same from all directions, and is visible from several angles since several streets converge at it, so it doesn’t necessarily help you get a handle on where you are.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Both my husband (wearing the hat in the picture above) and I felt that Buenos Aires would suddenly shift direction as we walked along, and north might become east. The obelisk may have been its pivot point.

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Which Way to the Penguins?

I just returned from a trip to southern South America. One of the highlights of the trip was an excursion that we took in the Falkland Islands. We went “boggin” to Volunteer Point where there are colonies of three types of penguins. It can’t be accessed except by going off road, the day we visited it had been and was raining and crossing the peat bogs was quite an adventure.

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Under Obstruction

I walked to the store today, an exercise in frustration.

Ten years or so ago our area was designated an “Urban Village.” That means that they are building  like crazy, lots of new residential units that are not required to have parking…everyone is supposed to walk and use public transit.

They startedby reducing bus service. Now they are building on every corner.

Apparently we aren’t supposed to walk until they are done.

The (Not so) Easy Road

The “carriage way” along the top of the Great Wall of China was used to get people and messages across China easily.

Carriage Way on the Great Wall at Mutianyu
Carriage Way on the Great Wall at Mutianyu


Yes I went up. I am in the top photo, my dad took the picture. Yes, it was nerve wracking. Being afraid of falling doesn’t necessarily make you a coward, just cautious.

Cee’s Which Way Challenge and Look up, look down challenge, as if the climb wasn’t challenge enough!