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A Colorful Day along the Mihe River

Ah yesterday. Last night I tried to write a post about it and fell asleep. Jet lag plus busy day does not equal cogent prose.

Today’s RDP: Color brought a couple of things from yesterday to mind, so here goes again:

The day before yesterday there was rain and that resulted in a clear blue sky. These things don’t last: today is already hazy. Yesterday I rolled off the bed early, intending to enjoy the walk by the Mihe River in clear morning light. It was beautiful.

Art installation of swimmers.

Walking back along a near-by road I saw this art studio painted in vibrant primary colors:

Later in the day I was walking back to my son’s apartment from his place of work, I had some time to kill so I decided to take a longer path, one that ran along a fun park/trail they had made from an abandoned railroad through town. It starts near where he works with a train station art installation:

Train depot
New friend

As I started to wander up the line a man came over and introduced himself. After a bit of almost communication (I finally called my son and had him talk to the guy and translate back to me), I wound up going with him and another gentleman to a huge rose garden, 250 thousand square meters, along the Mihe, well to the south of the stretch I had wandered in the morning. They worked at this garden on the structures.

They wanted to let me take pictures of their garden. You could tell they were rose buffs and also very proud of the garden as a whole…and rightly so. I’ve been to a few rose gardens here and there in the world, and this one is wonderful by any standard.

Quite a few roses were blooming and the weather was perfect. Sadly my SD card filled up and my extra hadn’t made my backpack.

As we were leaving the man at the gate came out with clippers and went around, in conference with the two I had come with and sent me home with this colorful sampling from their garden.






Spinning the color wheel

This post is a response to Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge-Week 17: Harmonious Colors.

I like color and seem to try to have all of the primary colors (red, blue, yellow) in a composition. I learned this years ago when I took an expressive painting class. My header is an example of a picture that goes almost all the way around the color wheel, it only lacks greens.

Real life doesn’t serve up exact matches to harmonious, aka complementary, aka analogous, colors shown on the wheel, at least not to my eye.



Never-the less here is an attempt to go around the wheel using various photos that, to my eye, come close to harmonious color combinations:

Red to orange:


Red-orange to yellow-orange:


Orange to yellow:


Orange to Yellow-green:


Yellow-orange (the bee) to yellow-green:


Yellow to green:


Yellow-green to blue:


Green to almost blue-violet:


Blue-green to blue-violet:


Blue-green to violet:


Violet to red:


Red-violet to red-orange: