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Whatsoever is lovely…day 1

A purple dahlia with creamy yellow at the base of its petals. Processed to have a painterly effect using Topaz Studio 2.
A late bloomer

In spite of everything that is truly lovely both in the world and in my life I’ve been feeling rather “meh” lately. I think the background noise of stress is eroding my…I’m not sure what the right word is here…mood, maybe.

Gan Xingfu (chasing happiness) 赶兴福

I’ve been studying Chinese again, in the hope that I might be able to go and see my son sometime next year, although I’m not too optimistic about that (part of my “meh” comes from worry about what’s happening over there). Anyhow, yesterday I learned a new word “gan” third tone, which means to chase or try to catch. I was intrigued with the phrase gan3 shi2 jian1 (chasing or trying to catch time). More prosaically it is also used with train, bus or airplane.

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