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China A to Z: F is for Food-Farms and Fishing

F is for Food.

Which is very important in China, perhaps because of a collective memory of hard times.

People more often than not will greet you with “ni chi fan le ma”, which means “have you eaten?”. When visiting people it is polite to bring fruit or other foods. When Chinese people travel within China they will almost always bring back foods that are local to where they visited to share with family and co-workers.

More specifically fresh food. Freshness matters because there is not universal access to refrigeration. Both Farming and Fishing are part of the landscape in China, everywhere I’ve been.


China is a very agricultural nation. You really see this riding on trains. The high speed rail lines are raised above the road levels and give one a view of the vast expanses of farmland.

Even within cities you can see the green houses:

These rows of green houses are just a block from several new high rise buildings.


Fishing is very popular.

The even have several street vendors selling brightly colored equipment at the entrance to the park along the Mihe River in Shouguang.


Along the Yangtze, and tributaries there were fish farms and many people in boats trying to catch and sell enough to make a living.