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Love and Peace Rose

I have been taking a bit of a break from posting since I finished the July Squares. While I know a lot of people post every day, some even more frequently, I am not usually one of them and I felt a bit like I had run a marathon.

My sister gave me this beautiful heirloom rose on Father’s Day and I was very excited that it decided to give me a blossom so soon. It has been my muse this week, as it has moved from a bud to full blown. I love its rich colors and it has that dreamy, old-fashioned rose scent.

It reminded me about The Little Prince and his love for his rose.

“The men where you live cultivate 5000 roses in the same garden and they do not find what they seek.”

“They do not find it,” I replied.

“And yet what they are looking for can be found in one single rose, or in a taste of water.”

“Yes that is true,” I said.

And the Little Prince added: “The eyes are blind, one must look with the heart.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupery, The Little Prince

For Cee’s Flower of the Day.

Bee’s point of view

Close-up of a honey bee on a sunflower. Another bee, on the edge of the photo, is flying in to join it.
I wonder what the bee sees.

Seeing things in black and white

Sometimes it is interesting to take a look at a picture without color to see what grabs your eye. I’m continuing my exploration of black and white. Never thought something that sounds so simple could be so complicated.

With color removed, a black and white of the image above allows the textures to really shine.

Does the black and white change your perspective of the photo?

For Becky of Winchester’s July Squares: perspective, and Cee’s Flower of the Day.