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Hashtag Floral!!

Perfect description for today. Here is a gallery of florals from walking the dogs this morning.

Inspired by Terri of Second Wind Leisure’s Sunday Stills: Fabulous Seasonal #florals. Our rather chilly spring has kept many things blooming that would usually be about done by now, such as the daffodils and tulips. Yet the usual suspects, like the wood hyacinth, crabapple and peony are valiantly going ahead as planned. It seems like everything is blooming right now.

Also for Cee’s Flower of the Day.

June flowers

Trying out black and white on some June flowers in primary colors. These were all processed in the GIMP. If you are interested in checking out black and white using the GIMP there is some information in this post: Black and white digital photo processing using the GIMP.

For Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Flowers.

Light and shadows

I’ve started a little artsy-fartsy project for this month, exploring a method I learned of recently called “chiaroscuro”. It was coined during the renaissance.

Definition of Chiaroscuro

Painters of the Renaissance and Baroque periods wanted to engage their viewers. Like the cinematographers of classic Hollywood, they used the play of light and shadow to give life and drama to their images. The word chiaroscuro is Italian for light and shadow. It’s one of the classic techniques used in the works of artists like Rembrandt, da Vinci, and Caravaggio. It refers to the use of light and shadow to create the illusion of light from a specific source shining on the figures and objects in the painting. Along with linear perspective, chiaroscuro was one of the new techniques used by painters of the Renaissance to make their paintings look truly three-dimensional.


My project:

Because June has naturally bright sunlight and the shadows that go with it, plus lots of flowers blooming, I am using flowers lit by the sun. Here are a few I’ve done in the past couple of days.

How I got the effect:

I intentionally looked for flowers that were in the sun where the background was shadowy. To make the photos more dramatic I used post processing. First in Raw Therapee (I shoot in Raw) I intentionally recovered as much detail as possible in highlights, keeping them as bright as possible without blowing out details, and darkening the shadows. Then, in the GIMP, I duplicated the image to a second layer then used the multiply blend mode, then adjusted the second layer’s opacity.

Do you ever challenge yourself to a project?

For Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Flowers. Seems appropriate, since this is intended to be a Fun Foto project! I’m hoping to learn to use the manual mode on my camera better and test out different post processing methods.

Bunny bites

I do not know what this flower is. But I think of them as “bunny bites”.

The flowers are only about an inch and a half in diameter.

When I was little my grandma had one and kept rabbits. An early memory I have is of plucking these flowers and feeding them to her rabbits, who devoured them rapidly and wanted more. Strange what sticks in one’s mind from childhood.

Every time I walk by this bush in my neighbor’s yard when it is in bloom I remember. I wonder if Grandma ever noticed that all of the flowers within reach of a four-year-old were missing.

If you know what they are called please let me know.

For Cee’s Flower of the Day.