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Forbidden Crowds

Nancy Merril’s Picture a Week Theme is Crowds. I don’t like them so I don’t have lots of pictures of them: I get flustered and try to haul myself out never thinking to record the experience.


I think the biggest crowd experience I may have ever had was on my first visit to the Forbidden City, it was also my first visit to China and I think it was a weekend or minor holiday (possibly Qing Ming), so there were a lot of Chinese people out to see the Forbidden City the same day that we were there. I think of these pictures as being representative of China, or at least Beijing.

Forbidden City Finger Magnets

The dragons of this decoration seem to be finger magnets; they are well polished by the caresses of people passing through this not-on-the-attractions-list area. Other parts of the design don’t seem to have attracted the same attention.

Notice the shiny gold dragons?
Notice the shiny gold dragons?

People were lined up (more or less) to touch this lion head handle on one of the water vats.

hadn touching the Lion handle of a water vat in the Forbidden City.
Finger magnet.

This post was inspired by Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Sense of Touch. These are a few almost quirky pictures I took at the Forbidden City because I found it interesting that people were allowed to touch and there seemed to be a  few things they almost couldn’t resist touching.

What is Serenity?

This was harder than I thought. I didn’t know what the word really meant and had to look it up. Going through my pictures I realized that I have some serene baggage.

Dawn looking out over Masai Mara, an infinity pool in the foreground reflects the clouds and a hot air balloon is flaring.

My five elements of serenity:

  •  It needs light, but also an edge of darkness.
  •  It needs to have sky in it, but not perfectly clear.
  •  It needs water in it, unruffled water.
  •  It needs to have land in it.
  •  It needs life in it.


A courtyard of the Forbidden City in China, It has stone paving, a basin holding water, a couple of trees and tile roofs.
Forbidden courtyard

I am not sure why I like my sky cloudy and my water smooth. But for every rule there is an exception:

Agapanthus Flowers with a backdrop of the  harbor of Crescent City on the California coast.


Then of course there is his Serene Highness:

A profile of a lion in grassland facing the sun.
His Serene Highness.

Aren’t dictionaries great?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Serenity.”