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Spring yellow

Forsythia flowers with a painterly effect that emphasizes light and shadow applied using Topaz Studio 2.

Forsythia is our indication that “spring is here”, in the case of this year, you might add “believe it or not”. I’m not sure it’s any warmer than it was in December!

I used the Chiaroscuro look in Topaz Studio 2. It makes the picture feel more how I saw it. The sunlight was almost blinding.

For Becky of WInchester’s Bright Squares and Cee’s Flower of the Day. Since today is Easter and the forsythia is yellow I’m linking to The Easter yellow prompt by Weekly Prompts.

Meandering through the ‘hood

Every morning (usually late morning) the pups and I meander through the neighborhood. They sniff and do other doggy stuff and I take my camera and do some visual sniffing. Every day different things catch their noses and my eye. Today was a mountains and blossoms day.

Ornamental plum blossoms are everywhere .

Just a few clouds over the Olympics.

Love this cheerful fellow!

Forsythia is more reliable than a groundhog.

It felt like someone flipped the switch and now it’s really spring.