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Pick your holiday cactus

I looked into it a bit last year and learned that my zygocactus, also known as schlumbergera, is a Thanksgiving or crab sort, not a Christmas cactus (hence it is about done blooming). Mine also tends to flower in spring, often around Easter, and sometimes again in summer. I guess it likes the bay window.

Close-up of a schlumbergera truncatus bloom.
Whenever it blooms and whatever you call it is is a handsome flower.

For Cee’s Flower of the Day and Macro Monday (officially on hiatus for the holidays).

There's one in every crowd

My first amaryllis bloom opened this morning. A welcome cheerful note on this gray day.

The stamens and pollen at the center of a red amaryllis.
A cheerful red on a gray day.

I got a group of three amaryllis for holiday cheer. Of course one of them has to be an over-achieving show-off… But in an amaryllis it’s cheerful and charming!

For Sunshine’s Macro Monday (I was sick on Monday) and Cee’s Flower of the Day.

Oh, the things you see in the places you go

Even when you walk the same route almost every day you sometimes see new things.

I did a double take when I saw these. I’ve never noticed them before. Looking closer I saw that they were the seed pods of canna lilies forming.

These look like something Dr. Seuss might have invented.

Canna lily’s seed pods look a bit like a peculiarly fuzzy bird head with a beak pointing out…or tiny bright green fuzzy pumpkins or…

For Cee”s Flower of the Day.