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Flowers within flowers

Echinacea, coneflower close-up, showing the yellow pollen.
Echinacea Cone flower
A ring of yellow pollen covered anthers on an echinacea in my neighbor's yard.
Flowers within flowers

The pollen starting to appear on these looks like little yellow flowers.

Echinacea (also known as Rudbeckia) is a composite flower.

At first glance, a composite flower like the daisy looks simple, with petals forming rays around a colorful disk. Upon closer inspection, however, these flowers aren’t simple at all. The flower is actually made up of many flowers–inflorescences–masquerading as a single flower. Each “petal” is a flower, as is each bump on the disk.


For Cee’s Flower of the Day.

I gave these a painterly, textured look using Topaz Studio 2.

Wild Blackberry Blossom

Native Western Washington blooms are more subtle than other locations. Wild blackberry blossom, with salal blooming in the background.
I believe they are in the rose family.

In our area you see a lot of blackberries. Most are the Himalayan, a hybrid that escaped captivity, is very robust and has taken over the entire state. Occasionally, in little nooks and crannies you can find the older, native blackberries. It is smaller, more vine like and produces smaller, more flavorful berries. People who value them keep secret the locations of their favorite patches.

For Cee’s Flower of the Day.