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The beginning of summer’s end

Oak leafed hydrangea.

This is the last photo I took in August. It seems like it is an almost perfect one to express the change of the season: still mostly bright and blooming with a bit of fading out in the flowers and a tinge of fall color starting to appear.

Bushboy’s Last Photo for August

Cee’s Flower of the Day

City Sonnet September Prompt: Welcome September

End of season color

Walking the dogs the other day this lace-cap hydrangea caught my eye. I found it’s end of season muted colors appealing.


Like the dogwood and poinsettia the flower itself is tiny and surrounded by what amounts to specialized leaves which give the color. The same effect that causes bright beautiful fall foliage results in the delicate colors of this hydrangea. In the summer this plant has blue-purple blooms and this color is what pigment is left when the green chlorophyll goes away for winter dormancy.

Cee’s Flower of the Day